Chrome ExtensionRelevant discussions from HN & Redditas you browse

Chrome extension that adds to your browsing experience by showing you backlinks and relevant discussions about your current web page from Hacker News and Reddit.

Discussions on Hacker News and Reddit.

When you navigate to a web page, CrowdWise pulls relevant discussions about this web page from Hacker News and Reddit. You can click on these discussions and it will open in a new tab, where you can find counter-opinions and different perspectives.

View Reddit discussion between Supabase CEO and Supabase user while on Supabase GitHub page

Personalised Settings.

Customise the results shown by sorting and filtering. Then adjust the sidebar to suit the look and feel that you like. You can customise Keyboard shortcuts, Font sizes, Sidebar widths and more.

Customise your result feed to sort by comments, likes and more.

Incognito Mode.

By default, CrowdWise searches for relevant discussions in the background. For additional privacy, CrowdWise also includes an Incognito mode where it will only search for discussions when you click on the CrowdWise button.

Incognito mode only makes a call to retrieve results when you click on it manually.

Meet our Contributors

  • Yew Siang

    Software Engineer

    Yew Siang is reimagining the search experience as a Senior SWE at He loves interesting problems - How can we surface up expert information that we don't know that we don't know? How can we give meaningful control to users for their feeds?

  • Sriram

    PhD Candidate

    Sriram is a PhD student focusing on security and privacy issues around everyday sensors. He likes to always work on varied and disparate projects, including drone control systems, toy programming languages, and schedule optimization.